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Anton Emery
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Good thread. I think all the approaches mentioned are valid, depending on the individual. After some starting and stopping I am back to following Joel Jamieson's program laid out in his book. I figure he coached most of the Pride roster, so its at least worth a shot and i can see how i respond. The aerobic phase has been interesting, basically just keeping the heart rate between 120-150 for 30-90 min. For that I have been mostly been doing various things around the gym, practicing wrestling shots, BJJ drills, some gymnastics stuff, anything to keep my HR up for the allotted amount of time.

Hopefully i can stick to this. In the past i have tended to jump from one fitness goal to the other, as i see fellow gym members become better O-lifters, or get better at gymnastics. I see them do it and i want to do it too, when in reality i need to train for my sport of juijitsu.

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