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Originally Posted by Troy Kerr View Post
I am doing a guesstimation that I am somewhere around 8 percent body fat. Last time I had it measured it was 11.4 and since then I have gained a significant amount of muscle and lost a good amount of fat. I would really love to just knock the rest out as my goal has always been 5% bodyfat. I am just concerned if following a base zone would be
detrimental to my gymnastic training ( I am following a steady state cycle).
I typically follow an 80/20 paleo diet. I currently stand at 5"9, 185lbs, at less than 10% bodyfat. Is it possible to lose the fat without sacrificing my routine?
First you need to follow your doctor or dietitians advice on healthy eating not some stupid fad diet you get off the interweb.

Okay with that out of the way here we go.......

There's no mystery to losing body fat, a small daily calorie deficit sustained over time will always get the job done. Here's the basics of how you do that without sacrificing your health or performance -

* Eat a wide variety of foods daily - no natural food or food group is off limits if you want to maintain long term health.

* Get adequate protein - 1.2 - 1.8g/kg/d.

* Get adequate carbs - 5 - 8g/kg/d. Adjust depending on training load and energy levels.

* Create a negative energy balance by reducing your fat intake to ~20% of total calories taking care to ensure that you get adequate EFA's.

The rationale for this is simple; eating an adequate amount of protein is a must if you want to avoid losing lean body mass, the relatively high carb intake fuels you workouts as well as having a protein sparing effect and creating an calorie deficit by cutting fat to 20% of total calories has no effect on health or performance providing adequate EFA's are consumed.
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