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Originally Posted by Darryl Shaw View Post
How is it possible that you haven't heard of Clarence Bass?

The guys a legend in bodybuilding circles because he's been at ~5% BF since dinosaurs ruled the earth. More importantly he's done it without any of that low-carb, ketogenic semi-starvation, sorry "intermittent fasting", nonsense. The best thing about Clarence though is he's documented everything he's ever done and it's all available on his website or in his books.
I have heard of Clarence Bass, but I didn't know he was at that low of a bodyfat percentage.

Darryl, I don't know why you're associating intermittent fasting with dieting nonsense. Withstanding any potential physiological benefits, intermittent fasting is useful for making it easier to eat less.

I have not read any of Clarence Bass' books and have only read a few of his internet articles in the past, but I don't think healthy eating, not dieting, and not counting calories will get most people to his physique. It can get most to 10-12% bodyfat with much patience, but merely tricking your body to eat less usually won't cut it to get a physique like his.

I can appreciate Clarence Bass' philosophy and passion for getting people healthy and strong, but much of his stuff is inaccurate in my opinion. For example, he's a big advocate of Carpinelli. But in the health and fitness world, even if you're not correct, you can still get results for people and for yourself by merely doing something.
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