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Originally Posted by Troy Kerr View Post
Thanx for that info Darryl. However most dietitians as well as my own recommend high glycemic carbs as 65% of my foods and as little fat as possible. I have had much better results on paleo approach. If you read my previous post you would see that the paleo diet was recommended to me by Robb Wolf, I think we can all agree he's not some guy passing around stupid fad diets.
I think that ignoring your doctor and dietitians advice probably isn't the smartest decision you could make but it's your body so I'm not inclined to debate the issue if you've made your mind up already. I will suggest however that it might be worth you getting hold of a copy of Clinincal Sports Nutrition (4th ed.) by Louise Burke and reading the sections relating to diabetic athletes and weight loss for athletes.
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