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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
I have heard of Clarence Bass, but I didn't know he was at that low of a bodyfat percentage.

Darryl, I don't know why you're associating intermittent fasting with dieting nonsense. Withstanding any potential physiological benefits, intermittent fasting is useful for making it easier to eat less.
If you eat les you lose weight so the only difference between eating a little less at each meal and IF is you're less reliant on gluconeogenesis for energy if you aren't starving half the time. Basically IF is unnecessary for weight loss although I do concede that it may be a useful strategy for some people.

I have not read any of Clarence Bass' books and have only read a few of his internet articles in the past, but I don't think healthy eating, not dieting, and not counting calories will get most people to his physique. It can get most to 10-12% bodyfat with much patience, but merely tricking your body to eat less usually won't cut it to get a physique like his.
Yet Clarence has shown that it can be done. He got ripped (the title of his old M&F column as I recall) and maintained that leanness for decades on a regime of regular exercise and healthy eating.

I can appreciate Clarence Bass' philosophy and passion for getting people healthy and strong, but much of his stuff is inaccurate in my opinion. For example, he's a big advocate of Carpinelli. But in the health and fitness world, even if you're not correct, you can still get results for people and for yourself by merely doing something.
I agree, Clarence isn't right on everything he says however it's always worth giving his opinion some serious consideration.
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