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Samuel Hughes
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Default July 3 (Saturday) 2010

Probably shouldn't have but I started feeling better and went to test my strength. No metcon though.

5x3 170# Front Squat, chest/elbows dropped too much on the last two set. I was out of a cage so it might have been partially a mental thing.

2x135# Overhead Press, pissed about this, hopefully just cause I am sick.

4x8 50# Dips
4x8 30# Vest AB rollouts
3x10 45# Good Morning

Lots of foam rolling
S. Emile Hughes

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Current Lifts (December 2010): BW 166lbs; 285lb Bench Press; 315lb Squat; 175lb Overhead Press; 405lb Deadlift; 205lb Power Clean
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