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A long warm day in the gym today.

Coaching from 9-12, shifting mats and equipment between 12-1 then BJJ from 1-3



Bear Crawl, Shrimp, Bridge over shoulder, Upa, bakward + forward roll to combat base & hip matrix.


Psycho baby: Partner A on all fours crawling toward Partner B who is in sitting guard. The aim is for Partner B to post off the opponents head and shift their hips out to the side, while the pyscho baby continues to crawl around the mat trying to push the guy in sitting guard over.

Variation: This time instead of posting and shifting the hips out you take an arm-drag and scoot out to the side.

Psycho toddler: similar to psycho baby except up on knees, this time the guy in guard goes to his back and places his feet on the other guys hips. Once on the hips the toddler gives forward pressure while the opponent shifts the hips back and returns to sitting guard.

Variation: Pull toddler into butterfly guard roll to your back and then kick back up to BFG similtaneously shifting out to the side with the underhook.

Techniques: BFG sweeps and variations. We started off with the basic BFG sweep and then did them with a hop while turning the corner and with head and arm control to secur the mount.

Isolation rounds: specific sparring at about 50-60% with the goal to pull off th techniques used that we'd just been focussing on. I was rolling with a relatively new guy here and his perceived rate of exertion was a bit off so I kept having to get him to relax as it was heading down the wrong road.

Free sparring/randori: My last session on the mat was a pretty frustating one, I wasn't able to pull anything off and my guard was absolutely horrendous. Today was different and the rolling went smoothly purely because I didn't force anything. The last roll of the day for me was interesting, it was with my coach who is a rooster at 56k compared to my 90 and 2 stripe brown belt, i'm a 2 stripe white haha). He guillotined me early on because I gave him my neck, but I managed to survive anther 6 minutes with him withut being tapped. When I started training in BJJ back in Octber he choked me out 5 or 6 times in 4 minutes so I consider this a bit of a success.

I'm going to be logging my BJJ in detail because it helps me to evaluate the session and take away lessons from both the negative and positive.
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