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Default Pec minor injury?

Hello, this is my first post on these forums. They seem to have a lot of good information. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me concerning an injury.

I began working on bodyweight training about 3 months ago. I was basically doing handstands, L-sits, beginning planche progressions, and beginning back lever progressions.

I was able to hold a frog stand for a minute pretty easily when I began, so I decided to try tuck planches. I was able to do 10 second holds of these, although I had trouble getting my feet and shins very far away from the ground. As I improved on these I began leaning forward more, so that my arms were no longer perpindicular with the floor. Probably 3 weeks into working on these about twice a week, I felt a twinge in my chest. It didn't hurt too much at first, but it began to hurt more. For about the next month, I worked on handstands and L-sits, and I didn't do any planches or back levers. After the month, I tried doing the tuck planche again. I was able to get into the same position as before and hold it pretty well, but after I finished I had a throbbing pain under my left pec.

I continued to work L-sits and handstands for about the last month, but I can still feel the pain in my chest. Specifically I can feel it any time I depress my shoulders. It seems to be mostly in the top half of my pec, and I can feel it in my shoulder as well. Just guessing from the origin/insertion, I am guessing this is my pec minor. Does this seem right?

I am kind of concerned because it has been probably 2 months since the injury and it still doesn't feel any better. I am afraid I actually tore it, and might need surgery.

The other thing I thought may have occurred is that the pec minor contraction of the tuck planche pulled so hard on the points of attachment that it cracked one of my ribs. I am not sure how likely this may be, but I broke a rib once before, from an impact though, and it took several months to heal.

So, any thoughts on my self-diagnoses?
Is it possible that working handstands and L-sits is impeding my recovery? (I feel no pain at all when I do these).
Are there any other exercises I should try to work in to help me out?
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