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Dave Coughlin
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7/2-7/4: Enjoyed a quality three-day weekend for holiday/brithday

7/5/2010 on shift @FD

Minimal warmup

Back Squat (70%/80%/90%)
45*5, 135*5, 135*5, 225*3, 255*3, 285*8

Bench Press (75%/85%/95%)
45*5, 135*5, 135*5, 205*5, 230*3, 255*8

No Assistance lifts

5 rounds of 10 pushups/10 squats...not very fast, but deep ROM

*Long day at work, but I still managed to sneak in some BS and BPs. Spent all weekend at beach with family, got up around 4am to go to FD, had a huge auto accident where we cut out four people, and then got to sleep most of the night. While I didn't get to take on a birthday WOD, I'm going to try to sneak it in right before I start my deload. If I can get to a squat rack tomorrow, then Ill do my last set of squats to finish up the 5/3/1 work cycle; however, if I can't then I'll punish myself accordingly. So far, it seems like my squat is the furthest behind, most likely due to me not squatting enough. Lame.
**The max rep sets are starting to feel better, and I seem to be more confident doing them. I'm really liking this 5/3/1, but I need to start integrating more conditioning work. Maybe if I started to do multiple workout days
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