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Ben Moskowitz
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If I am reading this correctly, the question is how best to program the metcons within the context of a structured strength program?

I am not sure of the answer, but I think looking at the resources you mentioned, this article by Greg Everett on "Plandomization," and perhaps the Wichita Falls crossfit program (?) or the Gorilla Pit would be helpful. I guess the most relevant paragraph from the Plandomization article is

This is exactly how I approach the CrossFit programming at Catalyst Athletics. I can tell you exactly what strength work our CrossFitters will be doing six Tuesdays from now, but I can’t tell you what metCon they’ll be doing that day yet. I plan seven-week strength cycles, but I plan each week’s metCons the week prior. When creating these metCons, I consider the strength workout on the same day and the rest of the week, the other metCons that week, and the metCons from prior weeks, along with the weaknesses and strengths I see in our clients. Based on this information, I have goals for them, both short- and long-term, and I create workouts and workout series to accomplish these goals. In other words, while the metCons are constantly varied, they’re by no means random.
I hope this helps.
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