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I appreciate the response
1.The pain is hard to pinpoint-feels deep in my shoulder. None of the rotators or external muscles are provokable on palpation.

2. Push presses, shoulder presses, deep bench press, dips hurt. None of the shoulder articulations listed on your link consistently produce pain. It hurts when I have weight loaded overhead, but only for portions of the motion.

3. Its somewhere between an ache and a sharp pain. Occaisionally it'll be very slightly provoked when sleeping, is not consistent or constant-only during very limited ranges of motion with specific activities.

4. I think Im about four to six months out from onset of the pain. Has been slow progression. Is in not way deblitating at this point, but I can see it doesn't seem to be going away, so want to get ahead of it. I think its definitely creating weakness and guarding in my right shoulder with overhead lifts...

5. No previous history of injury-got caught in a rockslide last year and had the upper half of my thumb on that hand crushed and rebuilt, but had no related shoulder injuries. My grip is strong as it was at this point, no notable defeciencies, although no hook grips as the thumb is too short.

6.I think my posture is good. I have a strong core, do a fair amount of compound exercises and overhead lifts and try to pay attention to how Im moving...

7. Current workout routine-lately I've moved between crossfit type work-outs and spending a couple of full rotations on the Catalyst website's main page-so metcons mixed with weeks of olympic lifts, five days a week, two solid rest days with just light stretching.

8. Have been training through pain-as its been hard to isolate, hard to identify, and slow onset-as I noticed it really begin to get worse, I laid off dips and bench press. Past few weeks I've been doing the shoulder rehab posted by Deisel Crew folks on youtube, and have begun attempting to do high rep, eccentric loading with machines mimicking dip and bench press type motions. Still been cleaning, deadlifting, flipping tires, rope climbing, pull-ups, sprints, haven't done snatches in a few weeks. Dumbell thrusters and push press are in there from time to time too.

9.Can't find any tenderness, swelling, or tightness anywhere in the shoulder area.

10. For recovery-ice, as noted above, laid off the shoulder for a few weeks then began using bands and machines to do eccentric loading in dip and bench type motions with light weight, flies, and the diesel crew rehab protocal usually something like 40-50 reps with a four to ten second negative in three or four sets every few days. Otherwise training as noted above, sans snatches...

Is this anymore helpful? In terms of isolating the pain-for example-I hoisted a 75 pound box of books onto my right shoulder, with my right hand supporting the box from underneath, and proceeded to walk a few blocks with the box in hand, and this was able to provoke the pain. Otherwise it will hurt during a couple of degrees of the range of motion while doing overhead presses, snatches, dips, bench presses, and otherwise feel fine....

Thoughts-I appreciate it...
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