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Samuel Hughes
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Default Thursday July 8 2010

Feeling much better, actually slept last night enough that I didn't do an AM workout! minimal snatching, really wanted to focus on my squats today

3x5 215# Squat
felt better with each set, finally went back to a comfortable bar position. I gave A2G high bar a shot the past few lifts, but I don't think my hips can do it. My lower back arches and hip flexors light up in a bad way in order to get those last few inches. Last rep my knees tried to come in but I still comfortably made the lift.

4x5 220# Bench
didn't sweat this much, really focused on the squats today. Not even entirely sure if those sets x reps are right...

3 rds: 5x 60kg snatch pulls (working on building some traps), 20x ab rollouts, 20x burpee
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Current Lifts (December 2010): BW 166lbs; 285lb Bench Press; 315lb Squat; 175lb Overhead Press; 405lb Deadlift; 205lb Power Clean
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