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Danny John
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Default Gant, my schedule...

July 17 Weekend, SLC
July 24 Sacramento (Nationals)
July 31 Big HKC Event in Minnesota
August 4, 5, 6 Perform Better, Long Beach
August 12, 13 Arcata
August 14, 15 Resilency San Diego)
September 11 Folkfest (SLC)
September 24-27 Strength Workshop with Pavel in PA
October 9 Boston Workshop
October 15-17 RKC Orlando RKC Workshop
Somewhere in here, I teach a workshop in Orlando for dragondoor, I will know more today or tomorrow
October 23-27 CK-FMS Workshop in Minnesota...I will be training for this, not teaching
Other things...
Geoff and Rose's Wedding
Something at Columbia College in January
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