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Thanks Derek, I will keep track of your log and can hopefully steel some stuff from you

I've heard of a lot of people road mapping their BJJ training and coming up with flow charts of their game plans, is this something that you've done before and if so do you find that it helps?

With regards to my goals.... My bodyweight is 90kg, I always float around that weight, I tried to cut for my last BJJ comp and ended up just missing the weight for the medium heavys so the heavyweight division it is.

I started 5-3-1 with a 1rm back squat (conservative) of 180kg and a deadlift of 235kg. My most recent rep maxes were 170kg back squat for 11 reps and 210 deadlift for 9 reps (without looking back) so almost 6 months into the program I'm getting nearer to those goals. I really need to be more disciplined with accessory work, but as you know sometimes after BJJ your body has taken a toll.

I'm also very conscious that I need to be pressing but after 10 years of muay thai my shoulders are pretty shot, no excuses though, I will begin to get some overhead work in. I did start 5-3-1 with press in there, but after 3 cycles my shoulders went again, not enough caution so I've let them be teh last 12 weeks.

Thanks for saying hi and i'm sure i'll be picking your brains somewhat in the near future.

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