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Two noteworthy pieces-if I can figure a way to transfer it here, I'll post video, but looking at my snatch overhead catch, the injured shoulder catches out and lowered from the uninjiured-ive assumed this is guarding from pain, but also realize that there may be some chicken-egg stuff going on here...

The pain is not distinctively posterior OR anterior. If I had to pick its vaguely more anterior. Totally negative for pain or limitation on sleeper or internal rotation stretches.

My main question is this-Im probably a couple of months out from insurance coverage-are there things I just shouldn't do in my training in that time, things I can or should be doing?? Good compound exercises and strength stuff to help maintain chest and shoulder strength without aggravating whatever is going on in there? Any ideas? Static overhead type stuff? Pull-ups ok? Limited ROM bench or push-ups? Deadlifts? Cleans??? Any thoughts?

Thanks again for responding Steven-I've followed your posts on various boards for awhile and see you must stay pretty busy entertaining people's pains and injuries...

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