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Dave Coughlin
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Deload week, plus some rowing

7/6/2010 @WW

CFWU 1x10, plus some light KB work

Deadlift-185#, 3*5
Shoulder Press-95#, 3*5

C2 500m-1.40.1, 1:41.4, 1:44.7

7/9/2010 @WW

Squat-165#, 3*5
Floor Press-145#, 3*5

C2 2000m-7:41 with a slight negative split

*Deload week-bleh. I am itching to get into my second 5/3/1 cycle. I'll try to get some CF/metcon days in, as well. The rows were pretty brutal, and nothing too impressive. Th3 500m TTs were intended to be high effort, but withing about :05 of each other....mission accomplished on both fronts. The 2K was an exercise in suckitude, and I just tried to improve slightly on each 500m.
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