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It was another warm day at the gym today so the warm-up was kept short.

breakfalls, rolls, shrimping & hip switching (not sure what this is called but it's the drill for taking the back?)

Throw: With a collar and elbow grip standing square on take the hand with the collar secure kind of a reverse underhook on the opposite arm, simultaneously turn and put your hips on the outside of your opponents (now your facing away from your opponent with two arms gripping one of his, this position feels quite like a KB windmill). It's basically now a case of whipping him over your hips to the mat and finishing with a grip on the inside arm.

Brushed over the scissor sweep.

Guard Passing: Starting in guard secure a belt and inside thight pant grip, plant one foot then stagger the opposite foot and stand with your back at about a 45 degree angle. With the arm that has the pant grip use your forearm to drive his leg to the mat, kick back into a tripod position and walk round to the side. Block the guard out with the inside knee, ride his near side elbow up high and secure head and arm side control.

Variation: The guy on bottom manages to get to half-guard when your working round to the side. Move his arm up high and switch your hips dropping them to the mat near his so that you're facing away. He'll probably have an arm on you so threaten the kimura then grab a belt grip. Next walk your foot up to get some space to pull the trapped leg out. Finish in side control with and underhook and look to mount.

Next pass similar drill, but this time when you plant your foot the guy on bottom goes to attempt a scissor sweep. You counter by weaving the arm on the same side as your opponent has his shin across your body under and over both of his legs and taking a sleeve grip. Then you basically spawl and work round t side control.

If the guy on the bottom defends by keeping his knees close to his chest you overhook the leg and pull it back, block the guard out and secure side.

Sparring: We worked in groups of 3s today each getting 8 rounds of 4 minutes on while the other two switched at the 2 minute mark.This was tough, fun and fast paced. I played mostly off my back and managed to get and inverted triangle on but didnt finish. Quite suprised I gt as far as I did with that but i'm guessing Kafui was just happy to work on his counter to it. Fun times...

Finished with 10 minutes ginastica.

Time for a few beers

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