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Dave Coughlin
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Warmup-squats, SDHPs, PPs, SPs, SJs, HPCs all with 45#oly bar

Shoulder Press-Day 1/Cycle 2 of 5/3/1
45*5, 45*5, 120*5, 140*5, 160*10
(day1 of last cycle was 155x9)

Assistance Work
Bar Dips-4*12

Grace-30reps 135# G2OH-3:23

*Pretty happy with my first day of new 5/3/1 cycle, all in all. I may have to make tomorrow my squat day, if I am able to score some overtime. The first two work sets seemed a bit harder than I was expecting, and the max rep set had me hitting a wall at rep #s 5&10 (a huge wall @#10). THe dips felt strong and deep, and I thought I was going to go sub3 for Grace until my fatigued shoulders gave out. I got twelve reps in my first minute, and then really lost my pace. The last five reps were fairly quick, pretty much all reps were PC to PP/PJ. Pretty sure there's a 2:45ish Grace in me right now if I'm fresh, even at 240ish lbs. I was wondering how my metcon has been going, but I am pleasantly surprised so far...but not impressed. I was looking to do some sled pushes/pulls, but I had to move them to another day with the possibility of squats tomorrow.
**Now that our 6m/old has started to sleep through the night, I will be able to start getting my diet a little more under control-heard that one before:rofl:
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