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Nicolas Warren
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Mon 12 Jul '10

Air Squats: 6,6,6,6
Press: {63.5,50,55} (meant to do 62.5, then wondered why the bar was so heavy on the first set... tried one rep at 62.5 after the 63.5 and couldn't even get it up... 63.5 felt very,very heavy- belt saved me on the last rep. Will reset to 62.5 on Friday and start increments again)
GMs: 52.5x8x3 (hard)
GHDSUs: 5,5,5 (not pushing too much)
PUs: 5,5,5 (as above)

Frustrating; not the first time I've loaded the barbell to the wrong weight (forgot what I wrote down in this case, and the got so psyched up I forgot to check). 63.5 previous 1RM.
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