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Monday July 11th


I think the knee pain is because I come forwards on my toes and end up pushing more through my toes then my midfoot or heel. Except on the second set I stayed on and pushed out of my heels pretty well and it didn't seem to help, so maybe not. Pain seems to have shifted to the mid quad now. Not quite as bad as last time. I realize I'm pushing through pain, like I said I would not do. This feels different though. The pain isn't in a tendon or any critical junction so to speak, but in the muscle. I'm not really afraid of muscular problems. Also, my technique seems to be solid and I dont have any imbalances anterior/posterior. My hope is that it will act like other problems with pain that I've had and dissapear on its own with time. Or I'll figure out what the problem is and fix it.


Felt some lumbar abuse second set last rep (heroic effort on my part to get that one out). Probably good that I'll be resetting now. 1 pound short of my goal, but hey, its 1 freaking pound. I can live with that.

Ring chins
3xfailure - 6, 4, 4

Took some serious pulling to get that last rep third set. Good pump.
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