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Dave Coughlin
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7/12/2010 @FD-OVERTIME

cfwu 1x10

Back Squat
45*6, 135*5, 210*5, 240*5, 275*12
(last set of previous cycle was 270*6)

Assistance work
Front Squat-185# 3*5

Treadmill Hill Sprints
15% incline and 10mph (6:00/mile pace)
3x :15 sprint w/:45 RI
3x :10 sprint w/:50 RI

*A pretty good day, and my legs are beat. My legs were somewhat sore all day, without any particularly good reason. The first two work sets were surprisingly tiring, so I was hoping for a max rep set of 8...10 at the best. I hit walls on 5, 8, and of course 12. Still trying to teabag the ground on each rep, and I still think I'm accomplishing that for the most part. I haven't done FS in a while, and I figure I should start adding them for Highland Games prep, which explains why I didn't go higher on the weight. Treadmill hill sprints-boo. Very tough, but I managed to keep my feet quick throughout. All in all, another day where I am quite pleased with my efforts...
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