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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
A weightlifter would do the OLs regularly...and do them properly--as in, low reps while focusing on form, because crap form creates a nearly impenetrable ceiling to increasing their max.

One would become a weightlifter about the time they become an insect...when their program is planned out and has a good portion devoted to the OLs on a weekly basis.


I also teach OLs to CFers. I was asked to do this because the "OLs" showing up in timed WODs, according to the affiliate, doesn't give people any opportunity to improve their form. I've been told that my six hours of instruction have made noticeable differences in both form and time in high-rep OL-based metcons. FWIW.

So what about sprinters, jumpers, and other athletes who use Oly lifts to train for their sport? Does this mean they can't learn the lifts properly unless they start becoming weightlifters?
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