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do you have a set of rings?

First things first lets avoid any overuse injuries which tend to occur as a result of training a fixed grip. Both a pronated or suppinated grip will place undue stress on the tendons and with any kind of volume are likely to cause said injuries as you suggest. The way out is a neutral grip.

Do not confuse a hammer grip with a neutral grip it is not. A neutral grip places the hands at approximately 45 degree angle facing inward from the frontal plane. The two best options for this are rings or an old easy curl bar.

I'd post some pics but my stupid camera is being repaired! Gay!

Almost everyone who comes in here with elbow tendonitis can do pain free pull-ups on the rings once I show them this. It also removes some stress from the rotator cuff but that is a seperate discussion.

I know you have a swiss ball or a bosu hinden somewhere around there now I suggest you setup you pull-up station at a height that you can place your heels of the ball out in front of you.

I know you can do a few pull-ups, but let me tell you something, I want you to limit the amount of bodyweight pull-ups you do for a while. The point is to perform some very low intensity motor learning (practice) from a position that you can do quite a few repetitions. Let's say 25. But they have to be a fairly easy 25. The following week you will increase the resistance (decrease leverage) as appropriate. I figure it should take you about 9 weeks until you can leverage yourself against nothing and pull a larger number of pull-ups at full bodyweight.

I only want you mixing in bodyweight pull-ups every other day during this affair if you care to try it...

Hell if your game we could make this muscle-ups!
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