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I've worn this out on 70sBig, but here is my main problem with it:

"My beef is gerrymandering your way onto the podium.

USAW is hard up for cash and lifters. They want to draw from the CF community. Fine. Put on a meet that is FREE for everybody that buys a USAW card. Let the CFers lift in a real WL event with real WLers. The real lifters won't start until the CFers are done, so the newbies can watch the pros do their thing.

After the meet, have a 2-hour clinic with a resident coach and a resident athlete or two and then a happy hour mixer where everyone gets to talk over food and drink. Eleiko would pay for the whole damn thing because they could sell $10K in training bars and plates that afternoon (hell, CFers bought a monolift).

This wouldn't cost the USAW anything but time. They'd get exposure, and their athletes could develop a following (every CFer knows Sage, Casey, and Natalie Woolfolk). USAW blew it.

Everyone who competes in WL knows that your first few meets are all about watching and learning from experienced lifters. CF athletes won't get to do this because the format will keep the real lifters away.

The only groups that will gain from this are Eleiko and CF, Inc."
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