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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
Well, I could always fall back on the definition that triathletes used when I was into that.

After not competing in triathlons for one year, then one wasn't considered a triathlete anymore. The same could easily be said for opposed to those simply using the WLs in their training.

In terms of learning the lifts properly, that takes devoted time and effort. Doing the Burgener warm-up with PVC before a metcon? No.

I really equate a snatch to something like a golf swing (with a crapload of weight). It is most important that it is done correctly and consistently. Take from that analogy what you will--and note I distinctly dislike golf for completely different reasons.
Well, I've been training OL 3x a week with a highly reputed coach. I'd like to think that I've been learning the lifts seeing as my technique and my weights have improved steadily, but I don't consider myself a weightlifter.
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