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The traffic on the way to the gym was crazy tonight so I didn't have any time for oly.


Warm-up: Jogging, bear crawls, rolls, shrimping and hip mobility.

Guard passing/retention drills. We started off with a pant grip of any kind, but had to be near the ankles. You then chose a side and worked towards it, the reaction was for the guy on bottom to recover guard and the counter was to use his momentum to pull his legs to the opposite side, finishing with a knee on belly.

Next was the single leg stack pass counter. With one leg pinned to the mat and the other wrapped over the shoulder you work round to side, but before you make it the bottom guy blocks it by making a frame with his hand on your hip. From there you basically shoot your hips out and turn in while dropping the leg which is over the shoulder down towards the mat. This gives you another frame and allows you to take the pinned leg over his head to meet the hand on the hip, then you remove the leg making the frame and recover guard.

Double under stack pass counter. From the stacked position make your legs heavy on your opponents arms, now walk the shoulders back to create space and pull him down to the mat. To finish simply recover an open-guard.

After covering the drills a few times we did them at speed in sequence from start to finish a couple of times.

5 rounds of 4 minutes flow-rolling. The rules are no strength above 50%, no submissions, relaxed pace and you're not allowed to stay in one position for more than 5 seconds.

I really like rolling like this because it allows me to focus on the smoothness of transitions, grips and also allows me to try new things against a semi-compliant opponent.

5 rounds sparring. Everything was working well for me tonight, especially the triangle which I usually always struggle with. Ahh!, i've just figured out why it clicked... on the double under pass we worked prior you had to shuffle your shoulders back to create space. I used the same technique to gain space and more of an angle and managed to hit it 3 times. For the rest it was a really relaxed roll, the perspective from the lessons carried over into sparring. I think the point was being made on purpose, because in recent weeks there's been some wreckless randori.

Great night on the mats.
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