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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
I went ahead and ordered the book.
IIRC, reading Joel's stuff regarding conditioning a couple years back is what started turning me off from CrossFit methods.

BTW. This is unrelated, but does anyone know if it's true that Brian MacKenzie of CrossFit Endurance hasn't been finishing his races?

Shaf wrote this over on Lyle's forum:

Brian MacKenzie, of Crossfit Endurance, has failed to finish almost every race he's started SINCE training that way, including a recent 40 mile solo run in Death Valley that he was filming for a project and last year a 100 miler.

Why? Because to run that far requires actually RUNNING THAT FAR. It doesn't require intervals, muscle-ups, hill sprints, prowler pushes, or kipping pull ups. It requires RUNNING THAT FAR.

So, for Crossfit Endurance, the DNF = the new standard of winning.
I do recall a while back that it was hyped up that he would be running the 100 miler (whatever it was called) and competing in the CrossFit Games within a couple weeks. I remember that he wasn't able to finish either, but I didn't know it was a recurring thing.

A couple years ago, I tried an interval method advocated by Brian MacKenzie to get back into running shape, and I was sorely disappointed when it had almost zero transferrence to a timed 3-miler.

After reading Joel's stuff, I started doing cardiac output work and HICT with weighted stepups, and that was all it took to get my 3-mile time where I needed. My exposure to endurance training until that time was running 4-6 milers as fast as possible through the military (I guess this would be called threshold training) and intervals/CrossFit. It's surprising how I was able to get such good results without ever running hard.
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