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Dave Coughlin
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Derek-Thanks, man. Overtime is always welcome in the Coughlin house; well, maybe not the additional 24hrs away from the family, but the $$ is nice.

7/15/2010@ WW

cfwu 1x10

Row 5k-20:20 :shrug:

Toes2Bar 4x5
Situps 3x15

*Irritating day today. Not getting OT today threw me for a loop, although the 4hr nap I took this afternoon helped reset me. I was planning on going to the nearby Cty fitness center today and knocking out DLs; however, the Oly bars are no longer there! I was going to do Helen, but today was apparently old fattie day on the treadmills. I wanted to do something in the 20min range, and still be able to DL tomorrow...thus the 5k row. Tried to keep a 2:00/500m pace, and pretty much did except for when I had to stop to turn my phone/mp3 player off. Last 500m was about 1:47-1:50, so that helped empty out the chamber. T2B are not recommended for anyone 240# BTW...I can't complain about a bunch of work on my weaknesses, though. Hoping to DL 345x15 tomorrow!
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