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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Thompson View Post
Dammit, this makes me as mad as the new Star Wars trilogy does (not the initial anger, the residual anger I still have to this day). WHY, GEORGE LUCAS, WHY? Fortunately, this will fade out of my consciousness quite soon, but I'm surprised it has gotten to me so much in the short term. I have a LOT of residual hatred for the new trilogy (and the changes to the old trilogy).
woah, woah, let's keep this civil

Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
I really equate a snatch to something like a golf swing (with a crapload of weight). It is most important that it is done correctly and consistently. Take from that analogy what you will--and note I distinctly dislike golf for completely different reasons.
i'm curious about that reason. i don't really play them, but there's always been something fascinating to me about precision sports. the sheer fact that you can eat a cheeseburger during golf, bowling, darts, pool, etc. is something to be appreciated. i'm not sure on what level though...

Back to the main topic, i'm kinda waiting for a UFC effect to happen. if you think about when it first started, everybody came in with whatever fighting styles, and after some years it boiled down to just a few main ones dominating the scene.

although now it seems that the people who dominate have blended these main styles together, people most likely come from one primary background, whether it be boxing or wrestling or BJJ or blah blah.

The guys who normally seem the most ill-prepared are the guys who just "train MMA" without thoroughly learning one style first. this now seems like training for crossfit because you're kinda trying to learn everything without having any solid basis to begin with.

thus solid pro WL or an olympic gymnast could probably come a rip through much of the CF competitions, especially after getting some basis in less familiar skills. the big difference though between CF and the UFC though is that i think being the best weightlifter or best gymnast has way more appeal than being the best CFer. thus they would most likely not switch over. meanwhile, being the UFC champ may be more appealing than being the champ in some fighting styles. thus more guys would probably switch over.

That judo/wrestling/rugby girl is a beast.
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