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If you're interested in buying a book, here's the sole Amazon review for Dr. Yessis' recent book called "Explosive Plyometrics." The review also mentions 2 other well known books on plyometrics.

This book is by far the best book on plyometrics. I own "Jumping into Plyometrics" by Dr. Chu and "High Powered Plyometrics" by Radcliffe but this book does a better job explaining and prescribing exercises. I believe this book was orginally made 15 years ago and it has been updated but still has better info than the other two books. If you want do jump higher, sprinter faster, jump further there are exercises prescribed for each one and gives reps and sets for each.

If you are a coach like I am this is a big help and what I like is he gives you the exercises that actually work. IF you read the other two books "Jumping into Plyometrics" or "High Powered Plyometrics" there are so many different exercises listed you have no idea which ones to use. There is a short section in the back for positions in Chu's book that is nice but some exercise prescribed sometimes are't "real" plyos.

By far the best book out there and I recommend this book over the others. The only downside is there could be some more pictures but it works.
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