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Dave Coughlin
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Derek-I was staring longingly at the empty keg just waiting for me to take it, at the recycling yard next door to the station last shift. I would have hopped the fence; however, there are a couple of pretty quick rotties that hang there over the weekends. Let me know how difficult it is to load one of those things, if you would....

7/18/2010 @FD...OT again

cfwu 1x10

Bench Press
135*5, 135*5, 185*5, 210*5, 245*12
(last cycle was 225x10)

Assistance work-pushups 15x5

sprint 50', pick up sandbag (1st time 55#, 2nd time 120#, 3rd time both bags)and sprint to start, drop one sandbag and pick up other bag, sprint 50'
50 DUs
Rest, then
Sprint out-and-back 50', pick up 120# sandbag and sprint out-and-back 50'
-Repeat 5x

*It looks like my bench seems to be improving, as I expect this lift will take longest for me to reach a plateau. I might have even got 15, if I was more comfortable with the bar/bench. The first sets x5 I was moving all over the bar to find a sweet spot, which never happened. The sandbag stuff I went pretty hard with, mainly so I would be forced to take a rest day tomorrow. Tuesday, I'll start the second week and hopefully I can have a good DL workout on Wed AM; however, I am concerned with the short turnaround time.
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