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Nicolas Warren
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Mon 19 Jul '10

Air Squats: 10x4
Press: 63.28x5x1,63.5x5x2 (63.5 was the intended weight, which only became available after the first set. These were very, very hard. Last rep on both 63.5 both involved a step to keep my balance. Belt is very useful on these. Not sure if it was building the plate rack or reaching the end of the LP that caused that. Going for 64.5x5 on Friday)
GMs: 53.5x8x3 (hard)
Incline sit-ups: 20,15,15
PUs: 7,7,8

Left calf felt a little tight during some of the air-squats. Not sure if it was the injury because there was no pain that I noticed.

Lots of stretching afterwards, focus on hamstrings and hip-flexors.
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