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Life as a wandering nomad continues to scatter my training.

I'm getting back into a PL SQ groove (had been doing a more Oly style): one day, 3 of 5 @ 225; another day, 3 of 5 @ 275. I've been doing some box-paused safety bar squatting. These end up being fairly wide stance. Man, they really hammer the hammies. In particular, the inner (adductor) ones. The lower body has also been enjoying some trap bar DLs.

BP has been napping (3 of 5 @ 175 or a more ambitious 2,3,5 @ 175). Overhead pressing has been alive though. Several days of log pressing, random KB pressing, and some nice doubles with a 32kg KB (right and left). Followed up the 32s with sets of 12 @ 24kg on both sides.

My PL SQ form must be at least somewhat dialed in. A guy commented, "You must be a Rippetoe guy." I said, "Huh?" I thought he said "You must be a grip toe guy". A few repeats cleared it up. But that is my generic form: medium stance, lower bar placement (but not absurd), closer hand spacing, neutral head, lots of hip drive.
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