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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
That's not quite accurate.

Joel follows the model of genderal conditioning followed by specific conditioning.

To get the most out of your aerobic training, it's ideal to train 4-6 days/week. During the aerobic/cardiac output (whatever it's called) block, you can get some of that from your mma/bjj training. The rest you fill in with cardiac output and/or whatever else.

Closer toward a fight or competition, the blocks get more specific. In the last 8 weeks, most of the S&C encorporates specific technique drills.

Stuff like running, VersaClimber, and Tempo method pushups/lat pulldowns all fall under general conditioning.

In blocks without an aerobic component as either the primary or secondary focus, aerobic adaptations are maintained through your mma/bjj training. If you aren't able to maintain them b/c you're not doing enough mma/bjj training or whatever, then you have to do some separate maintenance work.
Like I said I am only through the aerobic stuff so far. I am going to try and finish the book tonight so I can see the big picture.
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