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Originally Posted by Rafe Kelley View Post
I don't mind academic I am about to go through Zatsiorsky again and will try to tackle siff and verkoshansky after that. Something like practical programming but for plyo's would be perfect.

The goal is not to build a plyo program but to clean the princeples of adaption behind plyometric methods so I can apply to programming parkour training more effectively.
Donald Chu is a well-respected researcher. I'm pretty sure he does some coaching as well. Anyways, most large bookstores carry his book, so you can flip through it.

All the Ultimate Athlete Concepts books are in the $45-65 dollar range, so they're somewhat pricey. I don't have the "Explosive Plyometrics" book, so I couldn't tell you what I think of it. Many of Yessis' more specialized books have gotten bad reviews.

Verkhoshansky is a tough read. He has his own vocabulary, so sometimes, it's difficult to tell what he's talking about. The translations are also not always great. I've only read his "The Block Training in Endurance Running" E-book, which was translated by his daughter. It was actually a great translation, but again, unless you're familiar with his lingo, it's tough to figure out what he's saying. I am imagine the Charniga translations are pretty bad. I have two of Verkhoshansky's older books that Charniga translated, but I don't think it'd be the best use of most people's time to tackle those until they've done a lot of other reading. It's too bad he never got around to updating his "Special Strength Training Book" before passing away. It appears that his daughter will publish some of his unreleased work though.

In his updated version of "Supertraining", he wrote much about shock training and I think plyometrics. Since he is the father of shock training, you might want to get that book. You should know that everything in that book is not up-to-date though, such as the section on energy systems. It's also more of an encyclopedia than anything. I'd say Zatsiorsky's book is about 10x more practical than "Supertraining." "Supertraining" could be good bathroom reading though.

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