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Dave Coughlin
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7/20/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10

Shoulder Press, cycle 2/week 2
45*5, 75*5, 105*5, 130*3, 150*3, 170*7
(Last cycle week 2 max reps was 162# x9)

Bar dips 4x15

100 Double Unders-1:48

2x easy sled pull, facing away from sled (like a horse): 270#

*Meh. Probably should have taken another rest day, but it would throw off my logistical plans even more. If I keep it up, I can do a 2on/1off schedule, which would go pretty well with my FD job and keep a good balance at home. I work out on shift, then the next morning, and then I'm pretty much home for the rest...we'll see I guess. I wanted ten on the max rep set, but I suppose I need to stop being disappointed with my max rep sets' output. In addition to DLs tomorrow, I'm meeting another FF who wants to put together a CF/FireSled challenge workout course. After I DL, I'll basically be his bourse guinea pig for a few hours-should be fun!
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