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Thought you BJJ guys might like this. Here are a couple responses by Joel about whether BJJ is aerobic-lactic.

It's going to depend a lot on an indvidual's style. Some guys are higher pressure and faster paced than others. Some will sit there and hold position and slowly work until they get something then they'll explode, while others work work work until their opponent makes a mistake and they capitalize. There is probably more lactic system that comes into play than MMA, but how much more has a lot to do with someone's technique and tactics.
Look at your average heart rates while you're rolling BJJ to get some ideas. Keeping in mind all HR will be lower because of the positions of BJJ compared to standing. The better people get in BJJ, the more aerobic alactic they tend to become. Less experienced grapplers often try to use muscle more than technique and are not nearly as fluid as they should be so they waste a ton of unecssary energy.

Top level grapplers are masters at efficient energy expenditure and it seems like they can go on and on and maintain their strength and power simply because they are very effective at controlling how much energy they are using. I'm sure I've used this analogy before, but It's like trying to play raquetball against an old person who has been playing it forever. You can be younger, quicker, more athletic, and even better conditioned, but you'll be running all over the court chasing everything down while they will barely be moving out of a 5'x5' box in the middle of the court. You'll be gassed and barely moving while some guy with a beer gut in his 50s or even 60s stands there laughing at you.
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