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Warmed up with some jogging, rolls and crawls of different variety.

after the warm-up we paired off and drilled a couple of variations of the double-leg takedown. The first one was with two rigid arms behind the legs and the second was with the legs wrapped. We kept drilling this for a good portion of the class, the coaches were making a point of a rapin change in levels and an accurate shot. Once we'd covered this with a completely compliant, non-engaging partner we included some grip fighting. I was getting pretty caught up with trying to hand fight and win a grip with my right hand (i'm an orthodox) and Hywel said it would be better to simply guide the arm up to create space for a good shot. It worked really well.

The next drill was a follow up from the double-leg. With the leg wrap, almost in side control we were to scoot up a little and place the outside leg under both of the legs. Then we removed the outer arm and pinched the hips with your elbow. The outside arm was now up the length of the opponents body, palm facing up with firm pressure. This was basically to stop him from turning into you for an escape attempt and to buy a little time so that we could secure side control. To finish we simply take the other arm and take a head control and the same time clearing the arm and taking a gable grip.

Head and arm control from side. From this position we drilled the key lock when your partner was being silly and waving his hand infront of your face.

Time seemed to have passed us by so we didn't do any isolation rounds and went straight into sparring. It was hellishly hot and humid again in the gym, we were all tired so everybody was using good jiu-jitsu and not relying on power. I sparred with Hywel, Aldo ( the 120kg+ 6ft beast) and Owen who's had a lot of time off the mat recently. Rolling with Hywel was great, I think the other coach forgot to stop the round and we ended up going for about 8-10 minutes. It felt like 20! My lower body was working really well and I managed to escape and ezekiel and a gable choke twice, granted I was given a jiu-jitsu clinic but afterwards Hywel said that my neck was pretty big and he struggled with it. I managed to escape a lot of bad positions and also managed to take his back with hooks in but couldnt finish. I ended up getting choked with a gi choke of some sort right on the buzzer

Next up was rolling with Aldo, this just plain sucks but luckily for me he was really bloody tired because of the heat so little strength was being used. I say little but little for him is still a lot... It was ok, he played on the bottom to start and worked to mount, but I escaped when he went in for the choke. Finished off the round taking his back and getting the tap with a gable choke.

Rolling with Owen I played a pretty passive game to allow him to dust the cobwebs off and get some work in without having too much to think about. It was a good roll, i tried to keep using my hands to a minimum and focused on an active lower body and hips. Also managed to get a gable choke.

I've been managing to take the back on a lot of guys across different belts lately. My closed guard game is pretty poor and i'm working on it a lot, I'm a fairly big and strong guy so was advised early on not to get in the habit of shutting shop and not allowing other guys to do jiu-jitsu. Because of that I always tend to play an open guard or BFG. My technique for taking the back is to allow my opponent to kind of break my guard, most people go for the basic knee in the middle technique. With a sleeve and collar grip (not deep) I let them get to a combat base and then spin out to the side and put a hook in like De-la Riva. From here I switch my grips and take the arm with the collar grip and take hold of the arm I had while using the arm that had the sleev grip to grab the belt. All the time here i'm pushing and pulling to test their base ( I'm off to the side here with a belt and sleeve grip with my legs kind of scissored around my opponent, the leg thats in front of him i scoot round to the back and hook. To take the back with a smaller guy i'll just kick forward and they drop right into position. For a bigger guy its part pulling him down and pulling me up.

Tonight was a really good session for me, i've had a couple of sessions where I felt as though I was taking a backward step but it's all good for now.
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