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Dave Coughlin
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7/21/2010 @FD Training Center

cfwu 1x10

135*5, 225*5, 285*3, 325*3, 375*10
(Last cycle for this day was 345*11)

No Assistance work, just this bruiser of a workout

CrossFire Course Guinea Pig Test day 1
50ft FireSled (90# plus the sled est 180#) Backwards Dummy Drag
30 DB Push Presses 2/45#
30 Ceiling Breach & Pulls on FireSled
100ft farmers walk holding two 40# sandbags
100ft sandbag carry w/125# bag
30 pullups
30 KB swings w/45#
25ft FireSled pull-pulled hose towards you, one knee must stay on ground
30 burpees
125ft FireSled forward pull

*I was quite pleased with my DL, especially since it was such a short turnaround time from my underwhelming SO day last night (last nights WOD was 1900hrs, and today's was 1030). I really like the old Oly bars they have here at the FD Traning Ctr, so I'll do what I can to get down here more. My goal was 7-8 reps for my max rep set, but I felt pretty good after #8. I could have had 2-3 more, but I knew I had to save something for the CrossFire course.
**One of our LTs is the creator of the FLA FF Olympics, and they have a ton of events. One of our PFTs has been asking me about CF, hybrids, CFFB, etc for quite a while, and he was tasked with making a FF Olympics event that combines functional movements with the FireSled that one of our chiefs is a creator of. They've asked for my input on the events, so I'll be doing the course once a week, telling them the good/bad points, then they'll change it for the next week, and lather rinse repeat. It was a pretty tough workout, but I thought it would might be more attractive to folks if they would drop the # of burpees and pullups to 15-20, and add another lower body-biased movement. Once we got talking, I thought that changing it to 15 burpee pullups might be the smartest move. That way, the CF guys can't just kip 30 super fast, and the bigger guys can stay in contention. My back was fried halfway through, thanks to DLs, but it was a nice lung-burning sensation I haven't had for a few weeks.
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