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I'll try to explain a little more by using your questions, please excuse my crude drawing by "upper arm" I meant the arm between shoulder and elbow.

the pain is more on the outside of the shoulder (not deep in shoulder) and extends down the side of the arm to the elbow, where theres soreness seemingly under the forearm muscle there, and then around to the back just above the elbow bone/"point". As for the "side of arm" part, its not specifically in the bi or tri area, but the area between them. More specifically, it seems to be right along/under the front edge of the tri muscles. Hopefully that makes some sense?

2) the only thing that makes it flair up is the rack position (so front squat or cleans make it hurt). I can do snatches, pullups, jerks, pulls, snatch balance, etc no issues. I can do shoulder dislocations almost down to a clean grip with no issues either. I'm assuming the problem lies at the elbow when it is in full flexion? (ie, how it is in the rack position). Its worse on left arm than right, which somewhat makes sense as the left elbow is lower in the rack position (cost me a lift during comp as it touched my knee)

3)when the pain flares up it is burning, like a fire under the skin. right now (next day) its just a slight soreness, similar to what you'd feel the day after an intense workout.

4) first sign of soreness was july 10th, during the C&J warmup/portion of a comp. Took it easy the week after, did some snatch/c&j work on the 15th and it was sore again. Started a progression into a full bulgarian program sunday and its been sore on C&J days.

5) no injury history

6) I'd say posture is pretty good, its something that I have worked on specifically in the past.

7) current routine is moderate volume, progression into bulgarian program.

8) training through the pain this week. Its fine & sometimes no initial pain, but then flares up when I start C&J

9) this is what perplexes me as I can't seem to find anything. Soreness is obviously there, but nothing is tender to the touch. the behind-the-head tricep stretch doesn't hurt, shoulder articulations don't hurt, etc. I'm puzzled.

10) recovery the past few days has been 2 advil and bengay on the problem areas. The bengay really works some magic.

11) additional info: I'm somewhat of a beginner in oly lifting. Been working the lifts into a strength program for a couple months, met up with a local club and started full oly lifting end of june, first comp was july 10. I've been doing cleans for months now though, so its weird that all of a sudden this is an issue. Maybe heavy snatches are tightening the muscles in that area? A shot in the dark I suppose, my initial thoughts are flexibility issues I guess.
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