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July 21, 2010
BW = 188

1. Strength
press - 55 x 5, 65 x 5, 80 x 5

tempo pushup - 2 second up/down - 12, 12, 8, 5
pullups - 5, 5, 4, 2
(superset with no rest - 0:40)

After run:
tempo pushup - 2 second up/down - 12, 9
pullups - 4, 3
(superset with no rest - 0:40)

2. Energy
warmup Run @ 1.5 incline - 3:30 @ 8:00/mile pace
Sprints@15 incline - 0:10 sprint and slow treadmill down to 20:00/mile pace until HR dropped down below 130 - 11 intervals total
cooldown @15 incline - 8:00 @ 20:00/mile pace

Total distance over 30 minutes =2.3 miles

-5/3/1 deload OH press
-Short session today
-tempo pushups - harder than it seems
-pullups - low intensity, lot of sets
-No NECK/ABZ intentionally, didn't want to cut intervals short
-HRI Intervals - method taken from
you can simply set a high incline (15% grade) and sprint for 10-12 seconds, let your heart rate come down to 130-140 and then sprint again
-I need to but a HR rate monitor, trying to use the treadmill monitor was irritating nad probably wrong, I also wasn't sure if I was supposed to wait until my HR dropped between 120-130 or 130-140, I chose the former when it was supposed to be the latter. I also didn't do enough intervals, I only did a total of 11, when you are supposed to do 15-20 per session.

Guidelines for myself on HRI:
1. Warmup
2. Set incline to 15
3. Increase speed and sprint for 10-12 seconds
4. Decrease speed and walk @ 15 incline untl HR drops down to 130-140
5. Lather, rinse and repeat 14-19 times
6. 2-3 weeks on/1 week off 2-3x per week

It's like hill sprints just regulating the rest period via HR instead of a time period. Overall I felt pretty good after it. I need an decent HR monitor though to really get accuracy but I don't have the $$ to drop on one at the moment.
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