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July 22, 2010
bw = 187
if = 16 hours

1. Warmup
foam roll - lower body
lacrosse ball - feet, calves, glutes
piriformis stretch - 0:30L/R
Simple 6

2. Energy
HRI on treadmill
warmup @ 15 incline 4:00@20:00/mile pace
HRI's - sprint 0:10, rest until HR is between 130-140 x 15
cooldown @ no incline 2:00 @ 25:00/mile pace

Total time = 45:00
Total distance = 2.85 miles

3. Stretching
Assisted hamstring stretch - blue band - 0:05 - 6L/R. 6L/R, 6L/R
hip flexor stretch - 0:60L/R
incline board calf stretch - 0:60L/R

-Wanted to deload DL and bench today but I left my log at home and didn't have the numbers with me so I just did the HRI's again but more correctly this time.
-HRI's - Today was better than yesterday but I was pushing the sprints too fast and ended up over my anaerobic threshold probably for the first 7-8 sprints. I didn't think about it until then because I noticed it was aking my HR longer and longer to drop down to below 140 BPM. My last 8 or so intervals I had a slower sprint speed to try to keep my max HR below 171. Next time I will do my sprints a bit slower to keep my HR under 171, that should decrease my "rest" time for my HR to get back down to 140 and below.

My calculated anaerobic threshold: (not as accurate but it's what I have right now)
220 - 30 = 190 X 85-90% = 161-171 BPM
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