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Default 2 weeks to prep for fitness test

My father needs to prepare for a contracting job that will require him to pass a fitness test consisting of max pushups in a minute, situps in a minute, and a mile run. He has had multiple knee surgerys but managed to bang out a sub 10 minute mile this morning as well as 50 pushups and 48 situps. What would be an effective training route to take so he is prepped for the physical?

He used to be a big time runner, but now his knee will not permit tons of volume from running. Therefore I have him working on 200 meter springs on the rower, pushups, squats, ring rows and mobility. He used to be in the military and participated regularly in weight training and running, however now after his surgeries his workouts have been more limited. To give you an example of his current condition, I ran him through the following workout the other day and it gassed him pretty good. Given though that he does a lot of long cardio sessions as opposed to metcon style.

200 meter row
Squats, ringrows,pushups
(30 second rest inbetween rounds)
200 meter row

He finished around 10 minutes.

My question is is my current route of push-ups, ringrows, squats and sprints as well as mobility work the right course of action?
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