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Default I'm for it

First I want to make clear that I am a CF gym owner. With that being said, I think this is a good thing for USA weightlifting. There will surely be a lot of people competing in this that just needed an extra little push. This will seem like a less threateing environment perhaps. One thing that CF gets knocked for by a lot of people is the elitist attitude that too many people in the community exude. I feel like the response by some in the weightlifting community is in that same vein. Also, from what I understand the membership numbers for USA weightlifting are under 10,000 total. If this is the case, an increase in members surely will not hurt. The meet will be a regular weightlifting meet, followed by a 10 minute crossfit WOD. If a lifter wanted to get some platform time in, they could do the snatch, c & j, and then bounce hard feelings.

Now that I got all that out, I must admit that I plan on competing. I've wanted to compete in an weighlifting event for a while, it just hasn't worked out. This fits into my schedule, so with some pressure from outside folks I'm going to do it. I also plan on competing in some O lifting only meets in the future. I will also admit that it would be easy for a weightlifter to wreck house. With good numbers on the lifts, 10 weeks is more than enough time to get a decent met con base. I've taught double-unders to 53 year old women in 20 minutes, and with athleticism and strength a good kipping pull-up will come within days. Anyway, if anyone wants some advice on how to get prepped for the met-con in 30 minutes a week, just let me know. I'd love to share it but I don't think anyone else cares.
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