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Bill -

template and full article are in PM issue 17. At the top of the mass gain forum is a sticky thread with an excel doc containing all the lifts:

Elliot -

I think what you do really just depends on what is a priority for you at this point--do you want to lift as much weight as possible as soon as possible, or would you prefer becoming technically proficient in the snatch and clean & jerk? I among others will argue you can't genuinely do both at the same time--you can preserve and slowly improve one while focusing on the other.

So if you feel your technique is adequate and your lifts are being held back primarily if not entirely due to inadquate strength, spend a cycle or two really focusing on squat, deadlift, press, push press while training the lifts maybe 2-3 times/week at 60-75% or so just to keep the motor patterns sharp.
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