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I guess my goals are to take a culture / country and learn about it for no other reason than to fill my head with knowledge. I pretty much pissed away an awesome chance to learn stuff when I went to USC but I was more concerned about doing what I needed to get a degree so I could get my commision in the Navy, drink beer and other stuff. I didn't really work that hard. So now that I am older I want to learn all the stuff that I should have when I had the chance.

I am trying to put together a framework so I am not running from pillar to post and not getting anywhere. A nice flow from one thing to another. So if I could, for example, come up with a curriculm for a Japanese Studies degree. Then I could find pertinent books to read and a logical order to read them in.

I suppose I could look to a university's degree requirements and use that. Getting book lists could be somewhat difficult. Do you think Profs would atleast give the booklists for thier class if I explained what I was doing?
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