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I trained with the pro team. Thought it was a no-gi BJJ class but it turned out to be a focussed sparring session. We did about 8 rounds of Muay Thai, shoot-boxing, wrestling and then finished off the session with some rolling. Although I haven't thai boxed in about a year I was still able to control the pace and work at distance. The shoot-boxing was a different story, my upright tha style doesn't convert well to MMA so I got taken down quite a lot until I started to sink down in a boxers stance and throw leg instead f body kicks. My shooting ability is pretty poor but after several crappy telegraphed attempts and failures I managed to bait on of the lads in walking backwards then quickly changed levels, shot and got the takedown, happy with that one takedown even though I got levelled. Suprisingly the wrestling went well and I had fun. I finished off getting a few rounds with Kafui who has a fight coming up and fairing quite well, and then with Ian. Now that our class has grown I don't get as much time to roll with Ian, but every time I do he puts on a jiu-jitsu clinic. At 56kg and a 2 stripe brown belt to my 90 he just takes the p*ss, I learn how to tap a lot, but I know what not to do next time around.

Fun class but i'm done with taking knocks and bumps from elbows,shins and knees and getting punched in the face.



Warmed up with shrimping, crawls, rolls, breakfalls, partner hip-up things.. and flipping from one side control to the other.

BFG passes were the focus of the technique section for this session. The first pass was to get in nice and close to nulify the hooks and pinch the hips with our elbows, from there mule kick on leg up and back then bring it back in to stuff one of their hooks across your hips. Secure a deep underhook, spawl hips to the floor, walk round and sit to kesa gatame then switch to a deep side control with the arm trapped high. On the next pass you had an underhook but you just sprawled off to one side and worked round to finish like the first variation. Finally we were to wrap the legs and put your head to one side of your opponent on the mat and spring over to side control.

After working those techniques we were to work them in isolastion with your partner giving about 50-60% resistance. I couldn't get the mule kick to work for me as written with a resisting partner, my flexibility needs work. To make it work for me from the safe position, hips tucked I reached underneath and grabbed the hook that I didn't want to hook, kicked back and then trapped the leg. It worked well. For the one where we sprawled off to the side sometimes it worked and other times I got caught in half guard. The last one for me worked well but felt pretty sloppy.

The sparring session was good, I got to work with people who are about my level so was able to try things i'd been wanting to work on. First thing on the agenda was a simple sweep from guard when the opponent attempts to pass. With a collar and sleeve control you kick one leg up while bridging the hips up and over landing in the mount, it's simple but was working well for me. I'm going to focus on a couple of things every week to help improve my closed guard game. Next was the first triangle from the braulio video on our blog I got all the way to the triangle after a few hip adjustments I couldn't get it closed properly.

I tried to take the back using your technique Derek and I can see how it will work but my set-up for getting the arm trapped wouldn't have worked without being forcefull and i'm trying to let things flow on the mat.
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