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Allen you know you love DL'ing with hex plates!

Apparently I should have checked with my lifting crew before I said Monday. Not a single guy showed up today. Bastards! Maybe I shouldn't have told them what we were going to do. They all hated the snatch test last time. Ah well, me and my wifes girls all got to work out together...

DL open at 335, 355, 387 X F (had that sob all the way to my knees and couldn't lock it out, this is where I blame my buddies for not being here to cheer me on)

DH PU's 12

Snatch 24 KG KB 63 They were not pretty but it is done. (I wanted 15 per minute but after the first minute I knew it was wishful thinking)

All in all just some really blah numbers, but a good workout and I think I can already see a difference from the targeted HR work
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