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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
The rope is VERY underrated. I don't know about the utility of a triple or quad, but basic routines are great. Couch screwed up jumping like he screwed up KBs. Anyone that can jump for five minutes at 160-180 rpm will have excellent fitness. Pick up Buddy Lee's book (laugh all you want). There are several routines in there.
i actually have his book. i haven't looked at it in a while though. i used it when i used to jump rope every morning (back then i literally weighed 40-50# less). i just started up again initially for conditioning, but now that i'm remembering how fun it can be, i was curious how much other crap i could stop doing while focusing on JR.

i should probably look at the book again, but i was curious what you guys thought. IIRC, the book didn't explain much more on technique than you could find online. i'd have to read over the programs again.
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