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Dave Coughlin
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7/22/2010 Driveway

Partner WOD-working while other partner runs (est) 200m
Run/plank hold
Run/flutter kicks
All out sprint & back

7/26/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10

Bench Press
45*5, 135*5, 195*3, 220*3, 250*10
(Previous cycle's performance was 247*8

-Pushups 3x10, CF Games standard (chest/chin hit the deck, with palms of the ground on each rep

*Between the last DL day and the CrossFire guinea pig WOD, I was pretty fried. Luckily, we had some family stuff going on this weekend, so I got to chill eat and relax. Today has been a long shift, and I barely had enough spare time today to eat...much less work out. I got to bench, and had a decent day with plenty to improve upon. I might have had 13ish reps in me, but I'm not too keen on having help outside of a lift up initially. The CF Games pushups were interesting, and a bit difficult.
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